The Science Faculty facilities consist of a purpose built block of 7 laboratories, used by Year 7 to 12 students with 2 brand new laboratories to be built in 2021 as part of our new Bray Park Learning Centre. The ACARA National Science Curriculum is taught in Years 7-10 with Living and Physical Science electives in Year 10 to prepare students for senior science subjects in Years 11-12. Our staff have expertise in the various fields of science to deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences for students. We have the expert services of both a full- time and a part-time SOO's (Scientific Operation's Officers) or Laboratory Assistants, to facilitate the use of practical experiments; these operate out of a fully serviced preparation area.


Junior Secondary

Science pic 4.jpgYear 7 to 9 students engage in science through an inquiry approach to learning. Experiments are performed regularly to compliment the curriculum and our online learning platform (Stile) builds student understanding through interesting, accessible and challenging learning experiences. Lessons are differentiated to accommodate for the whole range of student abilities. Specialist Learning Support Teacher's, take small groups of students from Inclusive Education or with learning difficulties. Extra-curricular activities include University visits, competing in various STEM challenges and students entering into the ICAS International Science Competition.

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In Year 10 we offer ACARA National Curriculum and Living Science (Biology and Psychology) and Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics) elective subjects to help prepare students for senior sciences in Years 11 and 12. In senior school, students can opt for an ATAR pathway by studying our General subjects (Biology, Psychology, Chemistry and/or Physics) or can opt for a non-ATAR pathway by studying Science in Practice. Whilst all senior science subjects contribute toward the QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education), only the General sciences can count towards an ATAR ranking for eligible students. Students wishing to study General science subjects in senior are also offered to complete a 4 day intensive Certificate II in Sampling and Measurement course to gain essential skills in laboratory practice prior to entering senior school.



Faculty Enrichment ProgramsScience pic 2.png

All students have an opportunity to take part in University sponsored science competitions. We also compete in the regions STEM Fest program aimed at interested students in Year 7 to 9. Senior Chemists take part in the RACI Chemistry Quiz and have an opportunity to test their skills in the National Titration competitions. Senior Biologists gain first hand experiences in ecology on field trips to local rainforest and beach areas. Our Science in Practice students gain insight into our local mangroves and fisheries at Nudgee Beach.

Science works closely with the Mathematics, Art and Technology Faculties to run an Academic Program for highly able students in the Junior School. This also makes links with the Primary feeder Schools to enhance the learning of the highly able science/maths students in these areas. We offer practical, stimulating projects and activities, to develop the higher order thinking processes of identified students. We also use a mentoring process between the primary and JS schools, extra-curricular visits and tutorials to fully engage and extend these students.



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