Student services and support programs


​Student Support Services is a team who works together with students, parents and staff for the health and well-being of students, enabling them to have healthy, happy and productive lives. To this end, Bray Park State High School has established networks of support personnel who provide different levels of support for the individual needs of students. The Student Support Services staff are committed to helping students make the most of their experience at school.

The Student Support Services team can supports student in the following ways:

  • Assist students with learning and study plans
  • Help student to manage their behaviour
  • Provide career education, guidance and planning
  • Provide personal support
  • Facilitate mediation
  • Liaise with other support agencies and make referrals where applicable

Specialist support within the school exists in the form of:

Guidance Officer

The Guidance Officers provide information, on educational, personal and vocational issues. In addition to support and counselling the Guidance Officer also provides psycho educational assessment, feedback and recommendations to actively help students and their families or carers. An appointment can be made at the office or by ringing the school office.

School Based Youth Heath Nurse

The School Based Youth Health Nurse works collaboratively and in partnership with the school as part of the school support team to promote health and well-being for the young person and the whole school community.

The Youth Health Nurse provides a confidential, accessible, appropriate health service for students, teachers and parents. They may be referred as issues have been identified by HOD/Admin or self-refer re issues that impact their health and well-being i.e. relationships, feeling unhappy or stressed, healthy skin, sexual health, personal and family conflict, smoking and alcohol problems, growth and development and mental health.

School Based Youth Support Officer

Our School Based Youth Support Officer assists with students at risk of not transitioning into and through the senior phase of learning.  The Youth Support Officer works to create supportive environments for learning, resolve issues that impact negatively on students schooling and develop young people’s social and personal skills.  They may also work with young people’s families as part of their support work.

School Based Police Officer

The School Based Policing Program (SBPP) seeks to enhance the community’s safety and security and increase confidence and satisfaction with police by building positive relationships with, and providing a quality policing service for, members of the school community. The School Based Police Officer is someone you can talk to about issues involving the law, feeling safe and being safe.

School Based Chaplain

At Bray Park State High School our Chaplain is an integral part of the school and works as a part of the Student Services Faculty.

A Scripture Union (SU) Queensland Chaplain 

  • Provides social and emotional support for those facing things such as; bereavement, difficult family relationships, low self-esteem, bullying, friendship troubles, general stress or other crisis and loss situations.
  • Provide support and guidance in matters of religion, values and ethics.
  • Support students exploring their spirituality, regardless of the student’s faith or beliefs.
  • Participate in school activities such as camps, sports, induction programs, leadership programs, and school ceremonies.
  • Participate in and or facilitate holiday camps and activity programs.

Our chaplain works alongside other school staff and volunteers from the local community to facilitate Chappy Breaky, lunchtime groups and interest clubs; organise games and visiting bands; and foster a supportive and caring school community.

Some of the programs that our Chaplain facilitates at Bray Park State High School include Chappy Breaky, The Encouragement Project, Girls With Big Dreams program, a World Views and Ethics lunch time discussion group with senior students, 40hr Famine and Splashout Central - a local holiday camp.

Support or guidance in the area of religion and spirituality will always be done only with parental consent. ​​

Last reviewed 04 February 2021
Last updated 04 February 2021