​​​​​​​​​​​​Sports Excellence

Program Summary 

The Future Athlete Specialist Training program at Bray Park State High School has been established to provide a balance between academic and sporting aspirations.  Students face many challenges and pressures which can lead to abandoning their sporting endeavours in favour of their academic studies or vice versa.  The program aims to provide athletes with:
  • A supportive schooling environment providing assistance to students in balancing academic and sporting endeavours.   
  • A high performance culture for students focussing on sporting excellence and academic achievement
  • High performance coaching, best practice training programs and structured support systems.
  • Diverse sporting & career pathways
The program is centred on the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework for the optimal development of sport participants of all ages, interests and abilities, and in all sports.  LTAD is important for the ongoing development of enhanced Participation, Excellence, capacity and Interaction.

Physical development

The core components of the development program include:
  • Physical athlete preparation 
  • Technical sport concept development:  skills, strategies and tactics in a range of sport settings.  Supported by nationally accredited and industry experienced coaches.
  • Athlete wellbeing & Academic monitoring

History of High Achievement

National level taekwondo
State - athletics
Regional level athletes – touch football, soccer & netball

Student Obligations

Students will only retain their position in the program by continuing to meet the requirements of their chosen sport and the specific actions outlined in the athlete agreement.  The athlete agreement outlines a set of key performance indicators that the athlete must achieve to remain in the program.  Several of these are based around their academic achievements, behaviour and conduct within the school setting.  Others are more specific to the FAST program and are related to attendance of training sessions, competitions and workshops.
Failure to adhere may result in being withdrawn from the program, whilst progression from year level to year level in the program is not automatic.

Targeted Sports

The program aims to develop every athlete through a personalized training program and caters for students from all sports.  

Program Entry 

Entry into the program is selective and very competitive. Only a limited number of positions are offered. Selection trials are held prior to the new year and on demand if required.  It is important to remember that not all students who apply for entry will be accepted.  However students who think they are able, and are committed enough to fulfil the selection criteria are encouraged to apply.  
The application process will require students to complete the application form, attend trials, fitness tests or interviews as required.

Application Process 

  • Please complete the Application form and forward it to Bray Park State High School reception.
  • Attend a Trial Day to show us your skills.
  • If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 3881 6666.

Program costs

As participation in Bray Park SHS Future Athlete Specific Training Program is voluntary, there is a program fee that is payable upon acceptance into the program.  An annual fee contributes to additional resources exclusively for students within the program.  The fee will also directly cover gymnasium and facility use, qualified coaches, guest speakers and specialised training for teachers.  
Students are required to purchase a training uniform in addition to other school uniforms.


For further information please contact program staff on or on 3881 6666

Last reviewed 31 August 2023
Last updated 31 August 2023