Health and Physical Education


​​Bray Park State High School HPE is run by exceptional educators utilising our own school sporting facilities, community and local club facilities. The Health and Physical Education curriculum encourages positive expectations of all young people as learners and assumes that all students are able to learn, develop, and succeed.  We have very strong ties with local sporting clubs which is integrated into our curriculum and sporting programs. The department strives to develop specific principles related to being healthy, safe and active.


Junior Secondary 

The Junior HPE curriculum is based around the development of both healthy lifestyles and discovering sporting areas of interest. The delivery allows a greater reinforcement of literacy and numeracy strategies at Bray Park and also calls for a fair degree of participation from parents, friends and family in exploring issues such as: 

  • healthy behaviours for life;
  • social and relationship skills
  • various sports such as Futsal, badminton, volleyball, athletics, ultimate disc, softcross and many more

Year 10

The Physical Education subject in Year 10 is designed to give those students thinking of entering Senior Physical Education a chance to gain the base knowledge that will assist them in greater success in the coming years. It will give the student a firsthand look at what is required for achievement in Senior Physical Education in terms of assessment in both the practical and the theoretical sense.

Senior Physical Education

The senior course of study in Physical Education is a developmental subject, where practical elements and theoretical concepts from year 11 are followed up by more advanced studies in year 12. The practical activities studied will be selected from Touch Football, Volleyball, Athletics, and Aerobics. Through these practical activities, theoretical principles from the disciplines of the exercise sciences (sociology, exercise physiology, psychology and bio-mechanics) are applied in order to gain insights and understandings into performance improvement and sport as a meaningful cultural activity in Australian society.

Certificate II in Community Activities

The recreational based course is designed to ensure students leave with the credential of attaining a Certificate II in Community Activities. This is achieved through a multi-modal approach with various activities across many physical pursuits.

Experiences include but not are restricted to:  Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Aquatics, Canoeing, Orienteering, Environmental studies, Hiking, Expeditions and light weight camping. It is expected that by the middle of their second year students will be able to plan, implement and evaluate a 4 day / 3 night light weight camping expedition.

Other certificates achieved during the courses include Senior First Aid / Resuscitation, Royal Life Saving Bronze Medallion / Star.

Faculty Enrichment Programs

Bray Park State High’s Sporting Development Squad delivers a quality mentoring program assisting and further developing the sporting and life skills of our talented athletes.  Through the squad the athletes are encouraged and supported to strive to achieve their utmost in their sporting field, aligned with the constant reinforcement that educational outcomes should not be sacrificed.

Bray Park Sport


The Bray Park Sporting program identifies three key values as its framework for student development; these are Friendship, Respect and Excellence.  Each of these are embedded within our competitive and recreational experiences, aiding in the development and welfare our students.  The school takes part in a wide range of recreational and competitive sports, with the focus values being.   The school has a strong history in sporting excellence, whilst high participation rate and sportsmanship of our students in inter-school sport and carnivals all celebrated.

Students from years 7 – 12 are provided the opportunity to participate in competitive inter-school sports such as:  Athletics, Australian Rules, Basketball, Cross Country, Futsal, Tag Rugby, Netball, Rugby League, Soccer, Swimming, Touch Football, Volleyball, Volleyball and Ultimate Disc.  Students can also participate in recreational activities such as invasion games, swimming, bowling and a regular walking group.

There are many extracurricular activities offered to students with Rugby League, Touch Football (All schools Touch Football), Soccer and Rugby 7’s for both boys and girls being the most popular Transport to venues off campus is provided, as are specialist uniforms such as jerseys or bibs. There is a cost associated with interschool and extracurricular sporting activities.


Pine Rivers & Metropolitan North Representation

Any student wishing to trial for Pine Rivers and Metropolitan North representation are required to present student forms to the sports coordinator.  Students are required to collect a permission to trial form from the sport coordinator and make payment prior to the trial via the online payment systems.  More information regarding payments can be found on the organisations websites listed below.

Pine Rivers District Trial Dates:

​Metropolitan North Trial Dates:​

Student forms:



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