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Japanese and Chinese

Languages other than English - Japanese and Chinese
Languages other than English are a means of communicating across cultures and promoting sociocultural understanding and competence. At Bray Park SHS, we believe that Languages prepare learners for meaningful, productive lives in a culturally and linguistically diverse society and world and help learners relate positively to the richness of human diversity.  
Asian languages have an important place in our school curriculum because of Australia’s location in the Asia-Pacific region. For Queenslanders, the study of Japanese and Chinese is especially important given the strong cultural, economic, tourism and commercial links between Australia, Japan and China. Bray Park SHS students have many opportunities to meet Japanese-speaking people in the school context through our regular study tours.  
At Bray Park SHS, we are investigating the opportunity to travel to Asia This travel opportunity will enhance our knowledge of Japanese/Chinese language and provide enrichment through the travel experience, opening opportunities to develop long-lasting friendships. 
Junior secondary 
Year 7 students study both Chinese and Japanese for one lesson per week over a semester. This is a great opportunity to try both languages before choosing one to study in Year 8. 
Year 8 students choose to study one of the Asian languages for three lessons a week over a semester. They will have the opportunity to continue their studies of an Asian language in Year 9 and then through to Senior secondary.