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Junior secondary

Junior Secondary Philosophy

Junior ScienceThe Junior Secondary school is designed to respond to the needs of young adolescents. Every element, including the students, the curriculum, and our teaching philosophy, is designed to respond to these needs.  Our school focuses on the six principles of Junior Secondary Schooling: Student Wellbeing, Quality Teaching, Distinct Identity, Leadership, Parent and Community Involvement and Local Decision Making.

Year 7

​Students in the middle years of schooling are aged between 10 to 15 years. This period of adolescence is one of intense growth and change in the lives of young people and the school must consider many developmental factors when planning for their learning.

The social development of young adolescents in the Junior Secondary years of schooling (Year 7-9) is a key to self-esteem and engagement in learning. Good relationships are very important. They are enhanced by reducing the number of teachers for each child. Our teachers develop a thorough knowledge of the changes and challenges facing young adolescents and because they spend a lot of time working together, they have the opportunity to foster good relationships.

Manual ArtsOur teachers work to develop and encourage creative thinking, critical thinking and the ability to find new solutions to problems. Job growth is in the area of knowledge construction and these thinking skills are critical to employment in the future.​​​

The Junior Secondary phase of learning at our school ensures successful transition from primary school to high school, engagement with learning and the school community, and provides a varied curriculum that prepares students for their senior phase of schooling.

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